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Firmware upgrade makes Poseidon MKVI ready for technical diving – for free

Firmware upgrade makes Poseidon MKVI ready for technical diving – for free
Press Release
Forwarded by:   03-08-2012

As a part of Poseidon's technical upgrade path for the Poseidon MKVI rebreather the firmware version 48 is now released to the general Poseidon rebreather community.

The firmware upgrade gives customers, who have purchased one of the decompression enabled batteries, access to the already implemented decompression module. This means - the Poseidon MKVI, is now ready for technical diving.

Free Upgrade
The firmware version 48 is free, equipped with the latest sensor calibration and validation algorithms and makes the MKVI more stable in varying tempratures in different environments in all kind of waters. No other rebreather on the market has as sophisticated systems as the Poseidon MKVI to determine whether a sensor is reliable or not. This is achieved through the patented O2 sensor calibration and validation routines.

Technical diving - All you need is a new battery

Upgrading the Poseidon MKVI is easy. It is only a battery change away. The 40M Yellow Battery allows dives to 40 metres with decompression. The 48M Blue Battery allows dives to 48 metres with decompression and also allows the use of trimix.

“It’s amazing that a simple battery change can increase your diving exeperience into a totally new dimension. Briefly, this upgrading is a giant leap in a small package,”says Jonas Brandt, Chief Technology Officer, Poseidon Diving Systems.

Read more at and in detail about Poseidon MKVI

For further information, please contact
Jonas Brandt, CTO, +46705125005,


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